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5 Reasons to vote for Jack Kingston

We’ve recently endorsed Jack Kingston for the US Senate from our home state of Georgia. Here are the top 5 reasons why we believe you should vote for Kingston in the May primary and November general election.

1. Kingston is the proven conservative in the race.

Kingston has a lifetime rating of over 95% by the American Conservative Union. ( He’s been named “taxpayer hero” by the Council for Citizens against Government Waster. He’s a strong 2nd amendment supporter and is in favor of a balanced budget amendment. He’s been endorsed by ultra-conservative talk show hosts Sean Hannity and Neal Boortz.

2. Kingston has been and will continue to be the most active supporter of GA’s Port’s project.

Kingston has represented the Georgia coast for decades. He knows the what tens of thousands of jobs would mean to the people of Georgia and America. That’s why he’s been one of the leading voices to expand the harbor  and invest in the economy for now and future generations. This didn’t just become an issue for Kingston when he decided to run for Senate, it’s been a personal battle that he will win.

3.Kingston is the strongest supporter of tax reform and an economic recovery

Kingston has the strongest record in this race of reforming the tax code and replacing it with the Fair Tax. He’s been endorsed by the Chamber of Commerce in this Senate race “As Senator, Jack will help lead America’s comeback and lay the groundwork for more jobs, more growth, and a generation of prosperity”. (

4. Kingston will never give up the fight to repeal Obamacare

“I voted more than 40 times to repeal or defund it and I won’t stop fighting to protect Georgians from its disastrous effects.” (

5. Kingston is electable.

We all know how important winning the Senate is to restoring the greatness of America. And we all know how badly the Democrats want to steal this Georgia seat. Jack Kingston has won reliably urban areas like Chatham County (Savannah), even when President Obama carried that county in the same election cycle. Kingston has taken his conservative values to everyday Georgians and won the battle. He’s well spoken, experienced, has a great ground game, has the ability to raise funds, and will win in May and November.


I voted more than 40 times to repeal or defund it and I won’t stop fighting to protect Georgians from its disastrous effects. – See more at: is electable



Right Side of Life Endorses Jack Kingston for US Senate from Georgia


The Right Side of Life is pleased to announce it’s endorsement of Jack Kingston for the United States Senate from our home state of Georgia. Mr. Kingston’s proven track record of conservatism as well as the ability to connect with the residents of Georgia makes him more than qualified to win in November.

Mr. Kingston has promised to continue fighting Obamacare and runs an effective ad portraying President Obama on the phone begging Kingston to stop. The ad says Kingston has voted more than 40 times to repeal Obamacare and that he wants to replace it with a free market solution.

In a GOP Primary debate in Savannah, Congressman Kingston separated himself from the pack. He won the night and our endorsement with his ability to to communicate clearly his record in congress fighting for conservative values, his plan for deepening the Savannah port and thus creating thousands of Georgia jobs, and his proven electability.  These three points are what makes him the right person to defeat Obama darling Michelle Nunn.

In a primary field littered with candidates fighting for the title of most conservative, Kingston also stands out as the most electable. He has a track record of communicating his values and winning in blue areas. Kingston sealed the deal in the Savannah debate when he highlighted the fact that in the 2012 Elections, President Obama won reliably blue Chatham County (Savannah) with 55.36% to Romney’s 43.38%. In that same election, in his House reelection race, Kingston won reliably blue Chatham County with 52.67% of the vote (all facts were verified via That means Jack Kingston was able to win Chatham County by peeling off a significant portion of voters who voted for President Obama.

Right Side of Life takes pride in being from the state of Georgia. The results of this race are essential to control of the US Senate. This race is an important one, and we wholeheartedly support and endorse Jack Kingston.

5 Reasons Bigfoot would be Conservative

On the lighter side of the Right Side of Life, we are examining fictional characters who would be on the right if they actually existed. Here’s the first in this series. Now I realize it might be a little too controversial to include them on this list of fictional characters, but since at this time there is no scientific evidence they exist, they’re still classified as fictional for our purposes.

Top 5 Reasons Bigfoot would be Conservative

1. Bigfoot obviously enjoys privacy. They won’t mess with you as long you don’t mess with them. They would rather live their lives in complete anonymity without being intruded or spied on by an oppressive government.

2. Bigfoot takes care of himself. They don’t need or want help from anyone else. They don’t demand food stamps or free cell phones to survive.

3. Bigfoot (animals in general) are pro-life. Bigfoot doesn’t kill their young while still in their womb or in the womb of their mate, only liberal humans do that.

4. Bigfoot believes in “Peace through Strength”. Like President Reagan, Bigfoot believes to achieve lasting peace you have to be strong with those who wish you harm. Sure they throw rocks and roar loudly at those who get too close, but they aim to miss and only attack when attacked first or left with no options

5. They don’t like Obamacare or Socialism. Have you ever tried to take from a Bigfoot and give it to someone else? I wouldn’t recommend it.

So there are the top 5 reasons Bigfoot would be Conservative. Please comment and let me know if I missed anything.