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Georgia Senate Primary Predictions

Georgia Senate Primary Predictions

May 20 is finally here. After months of debates and TV ads, it’s now turned over to the Georgia voters to determine who moves on to the more than likely July run-off. It’s time to make our predictions:

David Purdue           24%

Jack Kingston          22%

Karen Handel          20%

Paul Broun                11%

Phil Gingrey             10%

Art Gardner              5%

Derrick Grayson     4%

We’re predicting a run-off with Purdue and Kingston. We’re also predicting a very tight race between the top 3 for those two spots. Polling has been very close and we expect the race to be the same. Purdue has been leading for weeks and we expect him to finish on top, but maybe not so much as a comfortable cushion as the polls would indicate after a few gaffes. Kingston’s support should be solid. He ran a rock solid/safe campaign and should be in the run-off. The wildcard is Handel. She is out of money, but not important endorsements. How far can that take her?

Let us know your thoughts.


May GOP 2016 Power Rankings

Here are our latest rankings of the possible 2016 GOP presidential candidates. Please leave your comments and let us know how we did.

How it Works

We asked a group of panelist to rank their top 15 possible 2016 GOP Presidential candidates. We took the results and assigned points to the rankings (for example, a first place vote is worth 15 points, second place is worth 14points, etc.). We also asked a bonus question. This month’s question was: Who is the dark horse candidate for the 2016 Democratic nomination?


May ’14 GOP Power Rankings


Here’s How Everyone Voted


Bonus Question


Meet Our Panelists


Now it’s your turn to let us know your thoughts. Tell us how we did and give us your rankings. If you would like to be included in future rankings, leave us your name and email address and why you’d like to be included.