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One Week Later: 3 Reasons Jack Kingston Should Not Have Lost

It’s been one week since the July 22nd GOP Primary Runoff in Georgia. Businessman David Perdue bested the candidate we endorsed, Jack Kingston.

By most accounts, Kingston should have won by 5+ points. We’re struggling to understand how Kingston lost with having so much going in his favor.

Here are the top 3 reasons Jack Kingston should have not lost last Tuesday:

1. Endorsement, and lots of them – Since the May primary, Kingston was endorsed by Handel, Gingrey, & Broun, the 3rd, 4th, & 5th place finishers respectively. Their votes combined accounted for around 40%.

2. Runoff in GA1 – With the runoff for his former Congressional seat at stake, Kingston should have been able to count on bigger than normal numbers from the Savannah-based district. Kingston is wildly popular at home and according to the GA Secretary of State’s Elections Results website ( he won Chatham County (Savannah) with 85% of the 17,000+ votes. But that pales in comparison to a county like Cobb which brought in more than 47,000 votes.

3. Money – While Perdue & Kingston raised similar amounts of cash, Perdue had the deep pockets of the Chamber of Commerce on his side.

This is the reason we actual count the votes; anything can happen. It’s hard to believe, but Perdue persuaded enough Handel, Gingrey, & Broun voters to give him the W.