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Pros/Cons of Mitt’s 3rd Run

1. He’s actually a solid guy. He was wildly misportayed as an elitist in 2008 & 2012. Watch the documentary “Mitt” on Netflix, it’s pretty eye-opening.
2. Since 2012, polls have shown a chunk of the electorate seems to regret their vote for Pres. Obama over him.
3. He has a solid base and probably wouldn’t have too many problems fundraising.
4. Pres. Obama’s not running this time. Even with Hillary running, the Democratic field looks much more soft than previous cycles
5. He’s safe and he’s predictable. He’s not going to take a risk to win. Some voters find comfort in that.

1. He’s already won the nomination and with the environment in 2012 he had the election handed to him on a silver platter (no pun intended) and still lost by a fair margin. He was too easily defined by the other side rather than defined by himself.
2. He couldn’t unite the GOP in 2012 and he won’t be able to do it in 2016.
3. Libertarian leaning Republicans that held their noses and voted for him in 2012 will not do it again.
4. His support among moderates/independents is better then many others but had very little impact on the results in 2012. Too many swing states still swung blue. That is not going to change either in 2016.
5. 2016 could be less about the economy and more about foreign affairs.
6. The GOP field is much stronger this go around with plenty of establishment candidates ready to cut out their piece of the same primary pie.
7. He’s safe and he’s predictable. He’s not going to take a risk to win. Some primary voters are tired of that.