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2016 GOP Power Rankings – February 17th

  1. Donald Trump – if he wins SC by double digits, he could be unstoppable. The more candidates that stay in, the better it is for Trump.
  2. Ted Cruz – Ted has to finish 2nd in SC and he has to win a lot of states on March 1. He could benefit from Carson bowing out.
  3. Marco Rubio – He’s picked up some high-profile endorsements but I’m so surprised he hasn’t caught on like most people thought he should’ve. Rubio needs Bush to bomb in SC and drop out. Rubio needs to consolidate other candidate’s votes to have a chance.
  4. John Kasich – Kasich might not be top 3 or 4 in SC, but no one really expects him to be. His stronger than most showing in NH puts him ahead of Bush for now. He needs to put something in the win column and the calendar just isn’t in his favor.
  5. Jeb Bush – Jeb needs to beat Rubio in SC. He needs to present himself as the best hope to defeat Trump. There is a constituency who is willing to support whomever can be the best option to stop the front runner.
  6. Ben Carson – We all like the guy, but at this point he really doesn’t have a chance.