Why I Decided Never to Vote for Trump

I’ve gone back and forth on my level of support for Donald Trump. I was originally a Rand Paul supporter. When Senator Paul dropped out, I was left without a candidate. Mr. Trump was never at the top of my list, but he was on the radar.

I never liked his personality or tone, but I did like his no-nonsense approach to Washington politics. I’ve been able to overlook his petty attacks because I haven’t been able to accept the alternative of Hillary Clinton as President.

I don’t agree with all of Trump’s policies, he’s not the conservative that Rand Paul or even Ted Cruz is. But some of his policies are conservative enough for me to consider.

I didn’t make up my mind until yesterday.

Last night I was watching the Republican Town Hall on CNN and a few things he said really stood out to me that helped me make my decision.

The first thing that stood out to me was his answer to the Heidi Cruz situation:

His response was first to say it was not a bad picture of Heidi Cruz, then he said “I didn’t start it”, and finally he blamed Ted Cruz and Mitt Romney.

The picture of Heidi was obviously not a good one and was meant to portray her in an unattractive light. Here’s the picture, please judge for yourself:


Donald Trump’s comments reminded me of someone else, someone who is the master of saying one thing, doing another, and then when confronted, blaming someone else.

Donald Trump is Barack Obama. Donald Trump is a mean Barack Obama.

But if that wasn’t enough, listen to his answer on the role of government:

Now in his defense, this is a tricky question. A good handler could’ve prepared him for this, but still this isn’t a question you’d be expecting. Sometimes when you’re interviewing for a job, someone will ask you a question like this to throw you off you’re game and see what you’re made of. If you’re thrown off you’re game, you naturally revert to your comfort zone. Last night we saw exactly what Donald Trump is made of.

Trump listed the top 3 functions of government to be 1. Security 2. Healthcare and 3.Education!!! Does he not know that conservatives have been fighting federal control of healthcare and education for decades? These are pillars of conservatism. He went on to list housing and neighborhoods as other priorities for government.

Show me a conservative who thinks housing, healthcare, and neighborhoods are functions of a federal government and I’ll show you someone who doesn’t know the difference between conservatism and socialism.

In case there was any confusion on the question, Anderson Cooper asked him to clarify his response. Donald Trump reiterated his belief in government control of healthcare and then couldn’t give a coherent response to the line between government and private control.

Does this remind you of anyone? Once again the similarities in tone and substance of Donald Trump to Barack Obama is too similar for comfort.

I was already struggling with his policies. I never knew whether to believe Donald Trump of the 90’s and early 2000’s or Donald Trump of 2016. I was never really sure whether he said one thing but believed something else and that terrified me. I’m no longer questioning.

Mr. Trump showed me a few things about himself in this Town Hall. This is not a person I ever want to be President of the United States and I will not vote for him. I understand the Trump phenomenon. I wrote an article defending his supporters a few weeks ago. I support the Trump movement to shake up Washington and hold Republicans accountable for their inaction, but I do not support the man leading it.

I know what you’re thinking, if Trump is the nominee, a vote for anyone else it a vote for Hillary Clinton. Yes, Hillary Clinton is every bit as bad, if not worse, than Mr. Trump and she doesn’t belong in the White House either. I compromised to vote for Romney in 2012, our differences were petty enough to hold my nose and vote. I would have to compromise my beliefs as a conservative and my decency as a human being to vote for Trump and I’m not going to do that.



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4 responses to “Why I Decided Never to Vote for Trump”

  1. Invisible Mikey says :

    I’m still convinced that if Trump doesn’t get to 1,237 delegates before the convention, the party will find or invent a rules-based reason to replace him. They don’t write the rules of the convention until a couple weeks before, and they can craft ones specifically against allowing Trump. He’s vying to be the party’s nominee. This isn’t a “will of the people” situation. And there are a number of historical precedents for front-runners without the 50%+1 being replaced at the convention.

    • tommybyler says :

      I agree with you. If they deny him the nomination, his supporters will revolt. It could be a complete disaster.

      • Invisible Mikey says :

        (There’s a joke that starts ‘The peasants are revolting”, but I expect you’ve already heard it.)

        I don’t really know what’s worse, a Trump general election campaign that could help flip the Senate to the Dems, or a third-party run that guarantees an HRC victory.

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