Donald Trump VP Watch

Here’s the latest news in the race to be Donald Trump’s Vice President.

So Marco Rubio is still a firm no.

Former Arizona Governor Jan Brewer wants the spot.

It’s probably not Chris Christie, as Trump announced Christie will lead his transition team if elected.

Newt Gingrich wouldn’t say no.

KY Sen. Rand Paul’s name has come up a few times. Though nothing official has surfaced from the Senator or presumptive nominee Trump.

Trump is open to Ted Cruz as VP.

An article from compiled the following reactions from Trump and potential candidates about the Vice President spot. You can read it here.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich is “unlikely” the Trump team says.

SC. Gov. Nikki Haley is also not under consideration.

Susana Martinez, the NM Gov., is not interested.

Gov. Scott of FL likes his current job and wouldn’t accept if offered.

Sen Joni Ernst of Iowa said she would accept the job.

Former TX Gov. Perry said he won’t say no

Ben Carson said no.

Sarah Palin, former AK Gov and VP nominee in 2008, said she doesn’t want to be a burden to his campaign by being VP.

WI Gov. Walker’s team gave a soft no.

And Trump spoke very highly of OK Gov. Mary Fallin recently.



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