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What Happened to Ben Carson?

In case you missed it, Dr. Carson endorsed Donald Trump recently.

Am I the only one who feels like they aren’t sure who the real Ben Carson is after he endorsed Donald Trump?

There were so many things about Dr. Carson that attracted conservatives to him:

  • He was a world-renowned neurosurgeon who spent his life understanding how the American healthcare system worked. He was ideally suited to lead the charge against Obamacare.
  • Dr. Carson stayed positive. He didn’t get into the smear campaigning and avoided negative ads because that wasn’t who he was.
  • His campaign motto was: “Heal. Inspire. Revive.” Dr. Carson was someone who could relate to everyday Americans.
  • Dr. Carson had never been a politician. He never held elected office. He was an outsider.

Let’s take a look at the person who he endorsed:

  • The candidate who is in favor of the individual mandate

  • He endorsed the candidate who has spent most of this campaign in the gutter. Trump called Carson pathological and compared him to a child molester.

  • Mr. Trump, in a nationally televised debate, made comments inferring to the size of his private parts.


I have no problems with Dr. Carson endorsing someone. He has every right to make any decision he wants to. But it doesn’t make sense why someone like Ben Carson would endorse someone like Donald Trump.

So why did he make the endorsement?

What would make the mild, meek, and even tempered neurosurgeon endorse the man who talks openly about his body parts and compared him to a child molester. There are a few reasons that could make some sense. None of them are rock solid, but it gives us a place to start.

First, Dr. Carson prided himself on being an outsider with no political experience. Mr. Trump is the only candidate left to fit that mold.You could argue that Ted Cruz, with the exception of being a Senator for the last 3 years, is a political outsider as well. I’m not really buying this argument. There’s too much on the line to choose a candidate based solely on the fact that they have never held an elected position before.

The only other reason I can see that Ben endorsed Trump was because it looks as if Trump is going to win the nomination and general election. There’s plenty of speculation that Donald Trump offered him some sort of cabinet position if he endorsed him. While there’s no solid proof of this deal, if Ben Carson’s goal was to get a political position with influence it makes sense that he should jump on the train of the guy barreling towards the nomination.

But isn’t this type of quid pro quo politics exactly the type of thing that Dr. Carson fought against? Ben Carson had to sellout not only his policies but also his character to make this type of endorsement deal. This isn’t the guy who launched his campaign last summer.

I used to think Dr. Carson was a cream of the crop guy in honesty and character. Maybe he still is and I’m just missing it. I’d love to be proven wrong on this issue. Now I don’t know who the real Ben Carson is.

Let me know your thoughts, why do you think Dr. Carson endorsed Trump?

*Disclaimer: This isn’t an article on the merits of Donald Trump. My previous blog article¬† focused on reasons people vote for Donald Trump. This article is about Ben Carson in relation to Donald Trump.