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I’m Not Voting for Senator Isakson

Tomorrow is primary day for the United States Senate seat in the great state of Georgia. As a registered Georgia voter, I like to keep up with what’s going on with our elected officials.

Recently I wrote on how Senator Johnny Isakson voted with the liberals to defeat the Economic Freedom Zones Act.

The Economic Freedom Zones Act was a conservative solution to a decades long problem. It lowers taxes and encourages job growth in areas hit hardest by economic hard times.

So why did Senator Isakson vote no? That’s a great question. It’s one I have asked his office at least 5 times in the last month with no response. I have called and emailed his office with not a single hint of an effort to get back with me.

Does Senator Isakson have something to hide? Is he a not the conservative he claims to be? Did he stop caring about his constituents? Because no one will respond to my messages, these are questions that I don’t have answers for.

I could’ve gotten over the fact that Isakson voted no for the bill if his office could’ve given an explanation. To not even respond to my requests for more than a month is inexcusable.

If 8 years is enough for the President, 12 years is more than enough for a senator.

Senator Isakson lost my vote when his office decided I wasn’t worth a 2 minute phone call response.

Tomorrow I’m voting for Mary Kay Bacallao and you should too.