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Ted Cruz Gave Me A Voice at the RNC

I’m a lifelong Republican. I’ve watched almost every speech given this week at the RNC, but my heart just hasn’t been in it. There are a few things I just can’t get over.

This has felt less like a convention and more like a coronation for King Donald and the new Princes and Princesses of America. I’ve watched my conservative heroes Gov. Scott Walker, Speakers Gingrich and Ryan, Gov. Perry, and many others endorse the guy who has filled the political season with hateful rhetoric, divisiveness, and half-hearted attempts to espouse conservatism.

Last night Senator Cruz gave the speech I had been waiting to hear. He laid out a vision of a truly conservative America.He painted a picture of an America where every race, gender, religion, and orientation was free from the chains of government bondage and basked in the light of liberty.

To the cheers of the crowd he begged people at home to get out and vote November and not sit this one out. But instead of endorsing Trump, he surprised everyone at the convention (but no one at home) and simply said to vote your conscience and for candidates who will most support the Constitution and it’s freedoms.

That’s the conservative Republican vision I stand for. Those are the principles I believe in. That’s the stand I have been longing for someone to make.


You Don’t Have to Settle for Trump; Meet Austin Petersen

If you’re like me, you’re trying to figure out what to do with your vote in November. I’m a conservative republican who doesn’t see much difference at all between Trump and Clinton.

Obviously I will never vote for Sec. Clinton and think it would be a disaster for her to be in the White House. So it would seem the only viable alternative is to vote for Trump. But Donald Trump is not a conservative. He doesn’t represent me and he’s a bully. Since when do conservatives carry the banner for jerks who make fun of the disabled and women.

Well there’s another alternative and he’s running as a libertarian. I’ve never been a full-blown libertarian, but Austin Petersen is someone I could get behind. Peterson is pro-constitution, pro-life, and pro-religious liberty. He and I don’t agree 100% but I am comfortable enough that he’ll fight like heck as President to make sure that all of our liberties will be protected. I can’t say that much about Mr. Trump.

Gov. Gary Johnson is also running for the libertarian nomination and seems to be the favorite of the low-informed media. But here’s the big difference between Governor Johnson (seen right) and Austin Petersen (seen left):

Gov. Johnson is farther left on this issue than Bernie Sanders.

Austin Petersen has recently spent a lot of time on the Glenn Beck Show. Here’s what he had to say.

Here’s another highlighting his platform:

In conclusion, I could betray every value and principle I have and vote for Trump, the lesser of two evils, but I want to be able to live with myself and tell my kids I stood up to the bullies and voted for someone I actually believed in.

Petersen does have a tough nomination fight at the convention this weekend. But his chances have improved greatly and I fully expect him to come out the other side as the nominee. He’s got the best ability to articulate our values of small government and liberty out of everyone running for president regardless of party.

If you haven’t already, consider supporting Austin Petersen for President.

Trump Hints at Possible VP

Yesterday Donald Trump gave us a hint at who he is considering for Vice President. Here’s what he tweeted:

Trump, the presumptive GOP nominee, was obviously thinking about someone in particular when he tweeted this. Donald, who never likes to be played, wanted to make sure we all knew that someone who must be overtly denying interest, is not even in contention for the #2 spot. My guess is either Marco Rubio or Nikki Haley.

Trump gives more insights in this AP interview.

Here are the hints he’s given so far:

  1. It’s not someone who is going out of their way to deny interest.
  2. He’s got it narrowed down to about 5 or 6 candidates.
  3. He’s okay with former 2016 candidates that fought him hard.
  4. He is still considering Christie even though he is heading the transition team.
  5. Trump said there is no need for another business person on the ticket.
  6. He wants a running mate who can help him pass legislation.
  7. He wants someone with deep political experience who can help him with the establishment.

Now let’s consider who fits this description and who we can rule out.


  1. Newt Gingrich- Newt fits every description perfectly and has been a consistent and strong message bearer for Trump.
  2. Chris Christie- Just like Newt, Christie fits the mold pretty well.
  3. Jeff Sessions
  4. John Kasich
  5. Rick Perry
  6. Mary Fallin- Trump spoke very highly of her recently.
  7. Scott Walker
  8. Joni Ernst- She’ll only have 2 years experience in the Senate if chosen, but she seems pretty well liked with the party.
  9. Bobby Jindal
  10. Condi Rice
  11. Mike Huckabee
  12. Jeb Bush- fits the mold, but I don’t think they would work well together.


  1. Marco Rubio
  2. Nikki Haley
  3. Rick Scott
  4. Jan Brewer
  5. Sarah Palin
  6. Rand Paul
  7. Susana Martinez
  8. Ben Carson
  9. Carly Fiorina

Stay tuned for more!

Donald Trump VP Watch

Here’s the latest news in the race to be Donald Trump’s Vice President.

So Marco Rubio is still a firm no.

Former Arizona Governor Jan Brewer wants the spot.

It’s probably not Chris Christie, as Trump announced Christie will lead his transition team if elected.

Newt Gingrich wouldn’t say no.

KY Sen. Rand Paul’s name has come up a few times. Though nothing official has surfaced from the Senator or presumptive nominee Trump.

Trump is open to Ted Cruz as VP.

An article from compiled the following reactions from Trump and potential candidates about the Vice President spot. You can read it here.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich is “unlikely” the Trump team says.

SC. Gov. Nikki Haley is also not under consideration.

Susana Martinez, the NM Gov., is not interested.

Gov. Scott of FL likes his current job and wouldn’t accept if offered.

Sen Joni Ernst of Iowa said she would accept the job.

Former TX Gov. Perry said he won’t say no

Ben Carson said no.

Sarah Palin, former AK Gov and VP nominee in 2008, said she doesn’t want to be a burden to his campaign by being VP.

WI Gov. Walker’s team gave a soft no.

And Trump spoke very highly of OK Gov. Mary Fallin recently.


What Should Trump Do for Vice President?

Cruz’s early VP pick potentially backed Trump into a corner. If Trump doesn’t win the nomination outright before the convention, he might have a harder time getting some of the more popular VP picks to sign on with his ticket heading to Cleveland. However, Trump’s path to victory before the convention, while still not a given, is looking more plausible as the days go by. If that is the case, Trump will probably have his pick of the litter.

What type of person is Trump looking for?

Donald Trump would go a long way by picking the right VP candidate. Trump would be smart to choose a running mate who builds a bridge to the party and the base, both who are reluctantly coming to grips with him right now. Trump should pick someone with proven political experience, preferably at the state level.

Basically Trump needs to convince me and those like me (who are not planning on voting for him right now) that he will surround himself with solid and proven conservatives who will help him make tough decisions.

The Rankings


  • Susana Martinez– I know she isn’t the most conservative candidate on this list, but she would cover a lot of holes for Trump. She would go a long way to help Trump with women and Hispanics, two groups Trump needs to improve with. She is loved by the party and the base and it doesn’t hurt she’s from a swing state.
  • Nikki Haley– Haley would be a home run pick. She’s popular with the party and conservatives. She’s been great as governor of South Carolina. Once again, she’s no Cruz or Rand Paul on the conservative scale, but she’s conservative enough and would help Trump with women.
  • Scott Walker– He’s a proven conservative and effective leader. Walker is a solid pick. With his organization and Trump’s blue collar popularity, the Midwest would be in play for the GOP.
  • Newt Gingrich– The former Speaker of the House turned 2012 Tea Party candidate has towed the line better than anyone between the GOP factions. His best attribute is that he has a history of getting conservative things done in Congress. There have been plenty of indications that this has a strong possibility of happening.
  • Rubio/Kasich– These are unite the party guys. They aren’t huge conservatives but they each have likable qualities that inspire confidence. Having Florida or Ohio in the GOP fold is also desirable.
  • Ted Cruz– Cruz would bring over the hardcore conservatives who struggles with Donald. He’s not a party favorite, but he made a name and reputation for himself that’s hard to ignore.


  • Kelly Ayotte
  • Jeff Sessions
  • Tim Scott
  • Rick Perry
  • Bill Haslam
  • Mitch Daniels
  • Mike Pence
  • Condi Rice


  • Rudy Giuliani
  • Sarah Palin
  • Mike Huckabee
  • Rick Scott
  • Jan Brewer
  • Scott Brown
  • Brian Sandoval
  • Chris Christie
  • Ben Carson
  • Lindsey Graham
  • Jeb Bush

Cruz Expected to Announce Carly Fiorina as Vice President

All indications are that Senator Ted Cruz will announce businesswoman and former candidate Carly Fiorina as his running mate.

If it’s true, it’s a little strange for a non-front runner to name a VP. Cruz is looking to make waves and get some good coverage from this. Here are some good articles to checkout on Carly:

Pro’s and Con’s of Carly

The Pros And Cons Of Ted Cruz Naming Carly Fiorina As His Running Mate

Carly Fiorina’s Website

Ted Cruz VP Rankings- April 27

With Cruz’s “major” announcement coming today, speculation is running wild that the Texas Senator might actually be naming a VP.

Cruz needs a hail Mary right now and this is about as close to that as it gets.

Ted Cruz will be looking for someone who will do 2 things for him. First, he wants someone who is going to create excitement. Cruz needs to change the narrative of this race. He wants to pick someone that will fill the news cycle with nothing but good VP coverage and give people in the remaining states someone to get excited over.

Second, he wants someone everyone in the party will want to rally around. The GOP is starting to come to grips with Trump because he seems inevitable, but they don’t like it. If he can pick someone who inspires hope within the party, it could go a long way in keeping hope alive.

Here’s our latest list:

At the Top:

  • Nikki Haley- This week I moved the South Carolina Governor to the top of the list. She would generate a lot of excitement and coverage. She’s also the most proven which would play very well with party establishment.
  • Scott Walker– If Gov. Walker wasn’t on the radar before, he is now. He delivered a huge win for Cruz in Wisconsin. Walker’s organization is a force to be reckoned with. He’s a proven conservative and effective leader. He wouldn’t generate as much excitement as a new face would, but he’s a solid and safe pick.
  • Carly Fiorina– She and Ted have been very chummy since her endorsement. Carly could fill the other side of the ticket with an outsider, a theme Cruz is desperately trying to make. She’s also been a relentless attack dog focused on Clinton. She’s starting to become old news, but still a good pick.
  • Susana Martinez– She’s a lower profile Nikki Haley. She’s got broad support from the party and she’s a popular Hispanic swing-state governor. She does take a Jeb-like approach to common core though; if you can get over that, she’s solid.
  • Marco Rubio– Rubio adds a lot as the VP. He has backers on both sides of the party and he’s still popular with the voters of Florida. Rubio is out of a job soon, despite his comments, he’d be more than happy to serve as Cruz’s VP.

In Consideration:

  • Tim Scott- The South Carolina Senator is a strong conservative. He would generate excitement and seems to have the acceptance of the party.
  • Brian Sandoval– Sandoval is the male version of Susana Martinez. He’s widely respected on both sides of the aisle. He does have a moderate streak in him. Hardcore conservatives might not be excited about this pick, but you better believe the establishment and maybe even some Democrats will.
  • John Kasich– Kasich’s delegates will be in high demand at the convention and Cruz would love to get his hands on them. Kasich is the popular Governor of Ohio. I’ll stop there.

Dark Horses:

  • Condi Rice
  • John Thune
  • Mia Love
  • Mitch Daniels
  • Bill Haslam