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Establishment GOP defeats Sen. Paul’s Economic Freedom Zones

Kentucky Senator and former 2016 presidential candidate Rand Paul submitted an amendment to a Senate bill that was defeated by establishment GOP Senators.

Here’s Senator Paul’s explanation of the amendment:

Folks this is as conservative as it gets. If you believe in the power of the free market and limited government, this is a solution to get behind. This makes us wonder what the GOP Senators who voted no actually do stand for.

The final tally was 33-64. With 54 “Republican” Senators, that means 21 didn’t vote to support it. The amendment to the Energy Modernization Act of 2015 needed 60 votes to pass, so it was likely to fail anyway, but that doesn’t explain why so many GOP Senators voted against it.

Here’s a list of Republican Senators who voted no:

Alexander-TN, Ayotte-NH, Barrasso-WY, Burr-NC, Cochran-MS, Collins-ME, Corker-TN, Enzi-WY, Inhofe-OK, Isakson-GA, Lankford-OK, McCain-AZ, Murkowski-AK, Portman-OH, Roberts-KS, Rounds-SD, Sessions-AL, Thune-SD, Tillis-NC,

2 GOP Senators didn’t vote:

Perdue-GA, Cruz-TX

Here’s the official US Senate breakdown:

US Senate Roll Call Vote

It’s time to take action. If you’re tired of “conservative” politicians playing the game and not supporting conservative ideas, then please join me.

Johnny Isakson is my Senator in the state of Georgia. I just sent an email to his Senate website asking for an explanation. He’s up for reelection this November. He has a history of siding with the establishment and doing establishment-type things. If I don’t get a plausible excuse for his no vote, I will actively campaign against him. I would encourage you to do the same.

If you see one of your Republican politicians pull a stunt like this, please don’t let them get away with it. Here are some things you can do:

  • Contact your members of congress and share your opinions.
  • Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper.
  • Speak out! Don’t be afraid to voice the facts on social media.
  • Call your local radio shows and raise awareness.
  • If they are up for reelection, research other candidates (even from third parties), if they are a better conservative option, actively support them.

Our inaction has enabled these politicians.

If you see something like this happen again and we don’t cover it, let us know and we’ll highlight it.