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Ted Cruz Gave Me A Voice at the RNC

I’m a lifelong Republican. I’ve watched almost every speech given this week at the RNC, but my heart just hasn’t been in it. There are a few things I just can’t get over.

This has felt less like a convention and more like a coronation for King Donald and the new Princes and Princesses of America. I’ve watched my conservative heroes Gov. Scott Walker, Speakers Gingrich and Ryan, Gov. Perry, and many others endorse the guy who has filled the political season with hateful rhetoric, divisiveness, and half-hearted attempts to espouse conservatism.

Last night Senator Cruz gave the speech I had been waiting to hear. He laid out a vision of a truly conservative America.He painted a picture of an America where every race, gender, religion, and orientation was free from the chains of government bondage and basked in the light of liberty.

To the cheers of the crowd he begged people at home to get out and vote November and not sit this one out. But instead of endorsing Trump, he surprised everyone at the convention (but no one at home) and simply said to vote your conscience and for candidates who will most support the Constitution and it’s freedoms.

That’s the conservative Republican vision I stand for. Those are the principles I believe in. That’s the stand I have been longing for someone to make.


Donald Trump’s Latest VP Watch

Who are the latest names to be mentioned in Trump’s 2016 Veepstakes?

The same 5-6 names seem to appear on everyone’s list (in alphabetical order):

  • Chris Christie
  • Bob Corker
  • Joni Ernst
  • Mary Fallin
  • Newt Gingrich
  • Jeff Sessions

Here’s what we know so far and the link to read about it:

Trump and his campaign have it narrowed down to a small list of people.

Senator Sessions is definitely being strongly considered.

The Washington Post thinks it’s going to be one of these five people.

The Hill has it down to a top ten.

And Larry Sabato has a very long list of potential picks.




You Don’t Have to Settle for Trump; Meet Austin Petersen

If you’re like me, you’re trying to figure out what to do with your vote in November. I’m a conservative republican who doesn’t see much difference at all between Trump and Clinton.

Obviously I will never vote for Sec. Clinton and think it would be a disaster for her to be in the White House. So it would seem the only viable alternative is to vote for Trump. But Donald Trump is not a conservative. He doesn’t represent me and he’s a bully. Since when do conservatives carry the banner for jerks who make fun of the disabled and women.

Well there’s another alternative and he’s running as a libertarian. I’ve never been a full-blown libertarian, but Austin Petersen is someone I could get behind. Peterson is pro-constitution, pro-life, and pro-religious liberty. He and I don’t agree 100% but I am comfortable enough that he’ll fight like heck as President to make sure that all of our liberties will be protected. I can’t say that much about Mr. Trump.

Gov. Gary Johnson is also running for the libertarian nomination and seems to be the favorite of the low-informed media. But here’s the big difference between Governor Johnson (seen right) and Austin Petersen (seen left):

Gov. Johnson is farther left on this issue than Bernie Sanders.

Austin Petersen has recently spent a lot of time on the Glenn Beck Show. Here’s what he had to say.

Here’s another highlighting his platform:

In conclusion, I could betray every value and principle I have and vote for Trump, the lesser of two evils, but I want to be able to live with myself and tell my kids I stood up to the bullies and voted for someone I actually believed in.

Petersen does have a tough nomination fight at the convention this weekend. But his chances have improved greatly and I fully expect him to come out the other side as the nominee. He’s got the best ability to articulate our values of small government and liberty out of everyone running for president regardless of party.

If you haven’t already, consider supporting Austin Petersen for President.

I’m Not Voting for Senator Isakson

Tomorrow is primary day for the United States Senate seat in the great state of Georgia. As a registered Georgia voter, I like to keep up with what’s going on with our elected officials.

Recently I wrote on how Senator Johnny Isakson voted with the liberals to defeat the Economic Freedom Zones Act.

The Economic Freedom Zones Act was a conservative solution to a decades long problem. It lowers taxes and encourages job growth in areas hit hardest by economic hard times.

So why did Senator Isakson vote no? That’s a great question. It’s one I have asked his office at least 5 times in the last month with no response. I have called and emailed his office with not a single hint of an effort to get back with me.

Does Senator Isakson have something to hide? Is he a not the conservative he claims to be? Did he stop caring about his constituents? Because no one will respond to my messages, these are questions that I don’t have answers for.

I could’ve gotten over the fact that Isakson voted no for the bill if his office could’ve given an explanation. To not even respond to my requests for more than a month is inexcusable.

If 8 years is enough for the President, 12 years is more than enough for a senator.

Senator Isakson lost my vote when his office decided I wasn’t worth a 2 minute phone call response.

Tomorrow I’m voting for Mary Kay Bacallao and you should too.

Ted Cruz VP Rankings- April 27

With Cruz’s “major” announcement coming today, speculation is running wild that the Texas Senator might actually be naming a VP.

Cruz needs a hail Mary right now and this is about as close to that as it gets.

Ted Cruz will be looking for someone who will do 2 things for him. First, he wants someone who is going to create excitement. Cruz needs to change the narrative of this race. He wants to pick someone that will fill the news cycle with nothing but good VP coverage and give people in the remaining states someone to get excited over.

Second, he wants someone everyone in the party will want to rally around. The GOP is starting to come to grips with Trump because he seems inevitable, but they don’t like it. If he can pick someone who inspires hope within the party, it could go a long way in keeping hope alive.

Here’s our latest list:

At the Top:

  • Nikki Haley- This week I moved the South Carolina Governor to the top of the list. She would generate a lot of excitement and coverage. She’s also the most proven which would play very well with party establishment.
  • Scott Walker– If Gov. Walker wasn’t on the radar before, he is now. He delivered a huge win for Cruz in Wisconsin. Walker’s organization is a force to be reckoned with. He’s a proven conservative and effective leader. He wouldn’t generate as much excitement as a new face would, but he’s a solid and safe pick.
  • Carly Fiorina– She and Ted have been very chummy since her endorsement. Carly could fill the other side of the ticket with an outsider, a theme Cruz is desperately trying to make. She’s also been a relentless attack dog focused on Clinton. She’s starting to become old news, but still a good pick.
  • Susana Martinez– She’s a lower profile Nikki Haley. She’s got broad support from the party and she’s a popular Hispanic swing-state governor. She does take a Jeb-like approach to common core though; if you can get over that, she’s solid.
  • Marco Rubio– Rubio adds a lot as the VP. He has backers on both sides of the party and he’s still popular with the voters of Florida. Rubio is out of a job soon, despite his comments, he’d be more than happy to serve as Cruz’s VP.

In Consideration:

  • Tim Scott- The South Carolina Senator is a strong conservative. He would generate excitement and seems to have the acceptance of the party.
  • Brian Sandoval– Sandoval is the male version of Susana Martinez. He’s widely respected on both sides of the aisle. He does have a moderate streak in him. Hardcore conservatives might not be excited about this pick, but you better believe the establishment and maybe even some Democrats will.
  • John Kasich– Kasich’s delegates will be in high demand at the convention and Cruz would love to get his hands on them. Kasich is the popular Governor of Ohio. I’ll stop there.

Dark Horses:

  • Condi Rice
  • John Thune
  • Mia Love
  • Mitch Daniels
  • Bill Haslam

Cruz & Kasich Strike A Deal

Reports are coming out that Senator Cruz and Governor Kasich have joined forces to stop GOP front runner Donald Trump. The details seem a little unclear, but it looks like they will each focus on separate states in hopes of keeping Trump from amassing the 1,237 needed delegates before the convention.

This comes on the heels of a poll in Pennsylvania that shows Trump at 47% and Cruz and Kasich splitting the rest of the votes effectively handing Trump the big win. Cruz and Kasich came to the conclusion that all of America came to 5 months ago, in order to beat Mr. Trump you need to stop splitting the vote.

According to reports, Cruz will focus on Indiana and Kasich will head to on Oregon and New Mexico.

This isn’t unprecedented but it does seem a little desperate at this point. This plan seems a little underwhelming, to be truly effective, they should have done this a long time ago.

Establishment GOP defeats Sen. Paul’s Economic Freedom Zones

Kentucky Senator and former 2016 presidential candidate Rand Paul submitted an amendment to a Senate bill that was defeated by establishment GOP Senators.

Here’s Senator Paul’s explanation of the amendment:

Folks this is as conservative as it gets. If you believe in the power of the free market and limited government, this is a solution to get behind. This makes us wonder what the GOP Senators who voted no actually do stand for.

The final tally was 33-64. With 54 “Republican” Senators, that means 21 didn’t vote to support it. The amendment to the Energy Modernization Act of 2015 needed 60 votes to pass, so it was likely to fail anyway, but that doesn’t explain why so many GOP Senators voted against it.

Here’s a list of Republican Senators who voted no:

Alexander-TN, Ayotte-NH, Barrasso-WY, Burr-NC, Cochran-MS, Collins-ME, Corker-TN, Enzi-WY, Inhofe-OK, Isakson-GA, Lankford-OK, McCain-AZ, Murkowski-AK, Portman-OH, Roberts-KS, Rounds-SD, Sessions-AL, Thune-SD, Tillis-NC,

2 GOP Senators didn’t vote:

Perdue-GA, Cruz-TX

Here’s the official US Senate breakdown:

US Senate Roll Call Vote

It’s time to take action. If you’re tired of “conservative” politicians playing the game and not supporting conservative ideas, then please join me.

Johnny Isakson is my Senator in the state of Georgia. I just sent an email to his Senate website asking for an explanation. He’s up for reelection this November. He has a history of siding with the establishment and doing establishment-type things. If I don’t get a plausible excuse for his no vote, I will actively campaign against him. I would encourage you to do the same.

If you see one of your Republican politicians pull a stunt like this, please don’t let them get away with it. Here are some things you can do:

  • Contact your members of congress and share your opinions.
  • Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper.
  • Speak out! Don’t be afraid to voice the facts on social media.
  • Call your local radio shows and raise awareness.
  • If they are up for reelection, research other candidates (even from third parties), if they are a better conservative option, actively support them.

Our inaction has enabled these politicians.

If you see something like this happen again and we don’t cover it, let us know and we’ll highlight it.